AllCryptoCapital Review – Reason to Stay Away From This Scam

Overview of scam broker AllCryptoCapital

The world of crypto is relatively young and thus, burdened with uncertainties. In light of the latest crypto market controversies, we decided to expose a fraud allegedly engaged in crypto asset trading in the AllCryptoCapital Review. 

Here, you’ll read about a crooked scam broker masked as a legitimate crypto broker. All about AllCryptoCapital is shady and wrong, from the legal background to the trading platform and conditions. So, be prepared for the truth about this outrageous financial swindler.

Leverage Up to 1:100
Regulation Unregulated Scam Broker
Headquarters 11 Westferry Circus, London E14 4HD, UK
Minimum Deposit $250
Review Rating 1/5
Broker Type Crypto assets
Platforms WebTrader
Spread N/A

Are Your Funds Safe With AllCryptoCapital Broker?

The first thing that strikes us with AllCryptoCapital is anonymity. Having omitted the name of the entity that runs this operation, the broker has automatically exposed itself to heavy fire. We managed to find a phone number and address that both correspond to the United Kingdom.

Kudos to you, AllCryptoCapital, but now you have to prove you’re a licensed provider. Yes, we know, that’s the hard part, mainly because in the UK, the financial market regulator – the Financial Conduct Authority (FCA), requires brokers to meet strict conditions.

Namely, a minimum operation capital of GBP 730,000, to provide clients with a segregated account in a top-tier bank (i. g. Barclays), as well as negative balance protection and a compensation scheme worth GBP 85,000. As expected, the FCA’s database has no files on AllCryptoCapita, which confirms the broker’s illicit status.

FCA warning on AllCryptoCapital

What Trading Platforms Are Available?

WebTrader. This is an elementary browser-based platform that lacks all the advanced features necessary to facilitate your trading experience. However, AllCryptoCapital tells great tales of this wondrous platform on its website. All lies, we’re afraid. Aside from basic charts and some indicators and calendars, there’s nothing else in the package.

While it may be good for novices, the platform falls short of meeting the standards of the trading industry established by top-notch software such as Meta Trader 4 or Meta Trader 5.

Also, since the broker is unregulated, it’s highly likely that the platform is rigged and that sucks. By that, we imply that everything appearing on the platform is fake. Imagine wasting all your precious time trading in vain. The only thing that’s real is the deposit option and by now, you know where the money goes. Yup, in a certain someone’s greedy pocket.  

What Account Types are Offered at AllCryptoCapital?

According to AllCryptoCapital’s website, there are five different account types:

  • Basic – $250, margin loan up to 25%;
  • Silver – $10,000, margin loan up to 25%;
  • Gold – $50,000, margin loan up to 50%;
  • Platinum – $250,000, margin loan up to 75%;
  • VIP – $1,000,000, margin loan up to 100%.

This right here – the account types, is just the broker testing how much it can squeeze out of clients. To elaborate, these scams usually work in the following way – the fraudulent provider keeps persuading you to make the initial deposit. Once you do, the scammer either refuses to allow any subsequent withdrawals or vanishes. Hence why the amounts are overwhelming.

From the margin loan values, we conclude that the leverage ranges from 1:25 to 1:100. First of all, the maximum legal leverage for crypto trading is 1:5 due to the market’s extreme volatility. Therefore, you can see how such high leverage will push all your funds over the edge. As for spreads, they weren’t disclosed. Shady as it gets.

Trading Instruments Overview

It’s obvious that the unscrupulous financial swindler deals only with crypto assets. However, the fraudster did not mention which ones. We naturally assume that the most popular ones are available, i.e. Bitcoin, Ethereum, Litecoin, Ripple, Tether, etc. While unable to confirm it, we can claim for certain that it is monkey business. The broker is unregulated and dangerous.

Deposit and Withdrawal Method

Unsurprisingly, the shady broker did not provide any information about deposit/withdrawal methods. Do you see now how the lack of transparency is ruining the image of this dubious provider? Since it’s all about crypto here, we assume that the broker went crypto all the way, i. e. that the payments can be made exclusively through cryptocurrencies.

We know nothing about which currencies are acceptable. Fees are also a mystery. All that is disclosed is the minimum deposit, which is $250. For the same amount of money, you can find countless legitimate and reliable brokers.

How Do I Receive a Refund if AllCryptoCapital has Defrauded Me?

If we are correct about the con artist accepting only crypto payments, then you need to trace the transaction to a wallet within a crypto exchange. Once you’ve done that, a refund can be requested from the exchange. It might be a long shot, but it’s worth a try.

If it turns out that AllCryptoCapital accepts credit/debit cards and wire transfers, then you ought to request either a chargeback or a recall, depending on the method.

The former can reverse card transactions and is performed by the issuing bank if requested within 540 days while the latter applies to wire transfers.

AllCryptoCapital Summary

  • AllCryptoCapital is an anonymous and scamming broker engaged in fraudulent activities;
  • The broker is not registered with the FCA, despite claiming to operate in the UK;
  • It is engaged solely in crypto trading, but the assets weren’t disclosed;
  • The available trading platform is WebTrader;
  • Leverage caps way above the legal limit imposed by regulators.

FAQs About AllCryptoCapital Broker

Is AllCryptoCapital a Scam Broker and Why?

AllCryptoCapital is an obvious scam broker because it is anonymous and unregulated. Also, the allowed leverage violates rules.

What Is the Minimum Deposit for AllCryptoCapital Broker?

The minimum deposit for AllCryptoCapital is $250. Too much for an unregulated broker.

Is My Money Safe with AllCryptoCapital?

Your money is not safe with AllCryptoCapital. The scammer will embezzle your funds the first chance it gets.


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