Crypto1Capital Review – Facts About Crypto1Capital.Com

Regardless of your level of trading experience, recognizing a broker scam can be challenging. That is why we have put together this article to alert traders about this investment scam that has been around for some time. In the following Crypto1Capital review you will find out all the facts about

Let’s start with a brief introduction to the Crypto1Capital broker. This company claims that it is a UK-based broker with offices in Switzerland, Singapore, and the Netherlands, which are all premium destinations with a highly developed financial sector. Other than that, it deceives people by giving fake promises of professional services, state-of-the-art technology, and beneficial trading conditions.

Email  [email protected]
Leverage N/A
Regulation Not Regulated
Headquarters UK, Switzerland, Singapore, the Netherlands
Minimum Deposit 250$
Review Rating 1/5
Broker Type Forex
Platforms WebTrader
Spread N/A

In general, this bogus brokerage firm has nothing to offer that we have not already seen before with other scam brokers.

Crypto1Capital Regulation and Security of Funds

In terms of regulation, Crypto1Capital is a far cry from being a regulated broker, implying that there is no security of funds when trading with this unlicensed brokerage firm. Moreover, this also means that this company can be involved in fraudulent trading activities without consequences; so, it can’t be trusted with money.

Speaking of trust, Crypto1Capital is absolutely an untrustworthy and anonymous entity. Despite the statement that it has offices in several top locations (UK, Singapore, Switzerland, Netherlands), there is no evidence to support it.

To operate legally in these (and any) jurisdictions, a forex provider must be authorized by a relevant financial market regulator (FCA/UK, FINMA/Switzerland, AFM/Netherlands, and MAS/Singapore, which are respected financial regulators with stringent legislation and demanding licensing requirements). So, there is no way that a company with such a bad reputation as Crypto1Capital is licensed under any of these supervisory agencies.

Crypto1Capital Trading Software Overview

Allegedly, Crypto1Capital trading software is easy to use and accessible on different devices (desktop version, browser-based platform, and mobile app). But as expected, it can’t satisfy the need for safe and successful trading. In other words, it lags behind the latest trading programs such as MetaTrader 4, MetaTrader 5, cTrader, and Sirix.

Therefore, if you want advanced tools like stop loss, social trading, fast execution, expert advisors, and more, you can’t have them at Crypto1Capital but should go with credible and leading brokers.

What Kinds of Accounts Does Crypto1Capital Offer?

With reference to account options, this phony broker doesn’t specify what type of live trading accounts it offers. Considering its notoriety, it must be in line with it.

Kind of Accounts Crypto1Capital Offer

Additionally, the minimum deposit is not set. That doesn’t mean that it can be traded for free at Crypto1Capital. It is just one of the dirty tricks employed by fraudsters to rip people off. For example, when you apply for opening an account, you will be pointed out to an account manager who will defraud you. The manager will take more money than is initially agreed, steal your credit card details or something like that.

What Can Be Traded on the Market at Crypto1Capital?

This fraudulent broker promises access to global markets and the availability of the most popular tradable assets including the following.

  • Stocks: Apple, Microsoft, Tesla.
  • Crypto: Bitcoin, Ripple, Ethereum.
  • Commodities: gold, crude oil, corn.
  • Indices: FTSE100, NASDAQ, S&P 500.

Anyway, even if this is true, which is less likely, it doesn’t change the fact that it is an illegal broker.

Deposit and Withdrawal Method

Concerning the deposit and withdrawal procedure, this financial swindler reveals little information about it, i.e., accepted payment methods and processing time for withdrawals are unknown.

According to its website, there are no fees when traders transfer funds to and from Crypto1Capital, are inactive or want to close accounts. Lastly, keep in mind that with unlicensed brokers, there are no money withdrawal guarantees. Thus, depositing money with this fraudster is inherently risky.

How Do I Recover My Money If Trader Powers Defrauds Me?

Victims of the Crypto1Capital scam can get their money back. However, it is important to act fast. The first step is to report cyber fraud to the respective authorities. Then, you should turn to cyber security experts for professional advice regarding chargebacks. Finally, don’t forget to alert others by sharing negative Crypto1Capital reviews.

If you wonder what chargeback is, it is a possibility to revert money. For example, credit/debit cards, bank transfers, and some e-wallets (PayPal, Skrill, Neteller) are considered safe since they can be reversed.

In addition, crypto payments are difficult to cancel and annul; that is why shady brokerage firms offer only this funding method. Anyway, they are challenging but not impossible to reverse. Our company can help you with cashback regardless of the means of payment. Get in touch with us.

Crypto1Capital Summary

As a final point of this Crypto1Capital broker review, let’s recap the most crucial findings.

  • Although Crypto1Capital professes that it is a global and recognized trading company with offices in prestigious locations, it is far from the truth.
  • Not only that this brokerage firm is unregistered and most probably based in some offshore-based hideout for con artists, but it is also unauthorized to provide services anywhere.
  • Aside from that, this illicit broker applies a range of malicious tactics such as utilizing manipulative trading software, having no minimum required deposit, ambiguous terms, and accepting only crypto payments.

For the sake of financial safety, you should stay away from this and similar bogus brokers.

FAQs Crypto1Capital Powers Broker

Does Crypto1Capital Offer a Demo Account?

No, it doesn't, which is a characteristic common for fraudsters.

What is the Minimum Deposit For Crypto1Capital?

It is not clear; reportedly, it is not set so that this fraudster can scam you easier.

What Are The Funding Methods For Crypto1Capital?

It is not revealed, but it is most likely crypto payments (hard to reverse).


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