FTMarkets Review – Who Is Behind This Scam Broker?

Overview of scam broker FTMarkets

FTMarkets broker presents a definition of anonymity. On their website, you can’t find any legal information about the company. There is no headquarters, contact information, or regulations. What the broker advertises is a leverage of 1:500, 0% commissions, 0% handling and commission fees.

We can already see standard marketing tactics here. You get everything, just deposit the money. We’ll see in this FTMarkets review if you should trust your money to this anonymous broker.

Also, we recommend you not to invest in the fraudulent brokers Dav Invest, Central Margins, and OnyxTraders.

Leverage 1:500
Regulation No regulation
Headquarters N/A
Minimum Deposit N/A
Review Rating N/A
Broker Type Anonymous scam broker
Platforms Web trader
Spread N/A

FTMarkets Regulation and Funds Safety

Firstly, FTMarkets doesn’t reveal what jurisdiction they comply with. Obviously, they are hiding something. But to make sure that we don’t make mistakes we did research some databases. 

For instance, in the FCA, BaFin, and ASIC we couldn’t find any trace of FTMarkets. These are the most trusted Tier 1 regulators. If they don’t have such licenses it’s not even worth thinking about investing here.

FCA warning on FTMarkets

The main benefit of regulation is transparency and funds security. Traders are provided with compensation funds as well if the company goes bankrupt. Moreover, if anything goes wrong there is an institution where to file a complaint. With FTMarkets scam broker, the only solution is a chargeback.

Another key point is negative balance protection and guaranteed stop-loss. Those are the features that many regulators require from trading companies. In general, the idea is to prevent traders from getting into debt. FTMarkets trading company doesn’t care about that.

Trading Platform Overview

Generally speaking, the trading platform is of crucial importance for traders. Whereas if you don’t have proper trading tools, there is no need to bother. 

FTMarkets allegedly provide Meta Trader 4 to its customers. But once you want to register, there is no way to do that. On their platform, you can’t even register. So, there is also the possibility that this is not even a broker.

FTMarkets investment scam works differently. The idea is to lure traders through misleading advertisements to sign up. That way you can get access to the platform, but meanwhile, you are being harassed by the broker.

Thus, we are always suggesting traders look for Tier 1 regulated brokers. Primarily, because they offer transparent trading services and platforms. Look for Meta Trader 4 or 5 hence they have the most advanced features. Starting with copy and social trading to algorithmic trading.

What Account Types Does FTMarkets Provide?

FTMarkets Account Types

Another suspicious and mysterious fact about this broker is their account type offer. Actually, there is none. Therefore, traders can’t see what they are getting for the money deposited. 

In general, account types are there to motivate traders to deposit more. Like in any other business. But this broker doesn’t reveal any information about that.

Therefore, traders don’t know what leverage, spreads, or commission they get. Not to mention swaps and other fees. Practically, depositing money with an FTMarkets scam broker is like gambling. You can expect anything to happen. But most likely you will lose.

Usually, brokers offer at least a demo account for traders to get insight into their services. But not even that is available with this shameless broker.

Trading Instrument Available

With 15 years of experience, they should learn at least something about the personal image. The broker claims to provide trading services for 15 years, but they don’t have instrument classes presented. However, to see what they have from assets we need to register somehow magically.

Since the registration form is not available on the website, you can only hope to get there one day. By accident. But it’s better not, because this is one illicit scam.

Once you realize that you don’t have anything but false promises here, you can turn around. Start looking for another broker on time. Because this one is here just to rip you off.

Deposit and Withdrawal Process

From funding policies, they only claim not to have any deposit or withdrawal fees. Since we don’t trust them anything, we won’t do this either. But if you take a look at any FTMarkets broker review you will realize why. Everyone claims this is a 100% scam.

Therefore, what happens once you deposit money is that they are asking for more. Once you are asking to get a withdrawal, they will make up reasons why not to allow it. Usually, those are verification issues or non-existent withdrawal fees.

This broker doesn’t reveal what are their funding options. After all, they want to stay mysterious. Therefore, we can assume they are accepting only Cryptocurrencies. Those are encrypted and hardly traceable. What they don’t know is that our fund recovery team has access to software that can trace those transactions.

FTMarkets Scammed Me – How Can I Get My Money Back?

Don’t be ashamed if you get scammed overall. There are many con artists around. However, if you are scammed by this poorly designed company we hope you are learning quickly. Luckily, our fund recovery team is there to assist you with the money recovery program.

If you were using a debit or credit card, that makes the job way easier. We can file a chargeback complaint and get funds back quickly. Yet, for cryptocurrencies, we need to use CipherTrace software to locate funds first. But don’t worry, our specialized team is doing that on daily basis.

Don’t waste any more time. Because time is money. Get in touch today and book your first consultation!


  • They are completely anonymous.
  • The broker doesn’t have any regulations.
  • Non-existent trading platform.
  • Non-transparent trading conditions.
  • Untrusted advertisement and trading conditions.

FAQs About FTMarkets Broker

Is FTMarkets A Legitimate Broker?

No. They are a completely anonymous trading company that is performing fraudulent activities.

What Is the Minimum Deposit at FTMarkets?

It remains a mystery with this broker since information is not available on their website.

What Methods Can I Use to Deposit Funds at FTMarkets?

Another unknown fact about this shady broker is their available funding methods.


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