Invest505 Review – Sign That This Broker Is A Scam

Overview of scam broker Invest505

Invest505 apparently serves as our gateway to the world’s financial markets and assures us that our funds are safe. Even though the website warns us about financial fraudsters, it is Invest505 itself perpetrating the scam. Upon conducting a fact-check, it becomes apparent that Invest505 is not a legitimate company. Let us examine the warning signs that should deter us from entrusting our money to this site. Stay tuned for more details about this broker in our Invest505 review. 

Leverage 1:400
Regulation No
Headquarters Marshall Islands
Minimum Deposit $250
Review Rating 1/5
Broker Type Forex
Platforms WebTrader
Spread 0.4 pips

Regulation of Invest505 and Fund Security

Invest505 operates from the Marshall Islands, an offshore location with little regulation. It is easy to set up a company there, with no local financial authority to oversee forex brokers. 

Hence, trading with such a broker can be risky, particularly if they are not a branch of a reputable global company – which is the case for Invest505. As the broker admits, regulation is key to ensuring client protection and strict control of all operations. A reliable broker is always regulated. This is important to remember. 

Dealing with unregulated brokers, like the one we’re examining now, is a big risk. This goes without saying. These companies offer online trading services without a license or supervision from any authority. This means they’re unreliable and risky because they’re unaccountable for their actions. Frequently, these firms are just scammers who want to deceive their clients. But even if they’re not scammy, they still cannot be trusted. They may collapse due to mismanagement. In that case, clients could lose their entire investment.

Trading Platform Overview

The Invest505 broker scam gives clients access to a web-based trading platform. However, this is not the most trustworthy company to invest in. 

Try to remember this. The industry’s top brokers offer MetaTrader 5, a powerful platform that covers centralized and non-centralized financial markets, including stocks, futures, and FX trading instruments. MT5 is faster, more versatile, and more efficient than its previous version, MT4, which is mainly for online retail forex.

Tip: A reliable trading platform is essential for everyone who wants to succeed in the financial markets. It provides speed, security, stability, cool features, and support. All of this lets traders execute profitable trades and fulfil their financial goals. Thus, traders should carefully evaluate the quality of a trading platform before using it.

Available Account Types 

Invest505 Account Types

Invest505 broker offers a range of intriguing account types:

  • Regular – $250 with competitive spread and education
  • Bronze – $10,000 with access to all assets and a 15% bonus
  • Silver – $25,000 with prioritized withdrawals and a 25% bonus
  • Gold – $50,000 with full access to market analytics and a 35% bonus
  • Platinum – $100,000 with no spreads and market news
  • Diamond – $250,000 with a 65% bonus
  • VIP – $500,000 with an 80% bonus
  • Pro – $1,000,000 with a 100% bonus

However, we’ve noticed that information on the priciest account types is unclear. Despite claims of high leverage and notable benefits, we know little about them.

Trading Instruments at Invest505

Invest505 Trading Instrument

The Invest505 broker provides a range of trading assets. They are as follows:

  • Currency pairs – such as EUR/NOK, GBP/ILS, USD/SEK
  • Commodities – from gold to natural gas to soybeans
  • Indices – like DAX30, CAC40, and S&P 500
  • Shares – such as Lufthansa, Samsung, and Alibaba
  • Cryptocurrencies – featuring SOL, ADA, SHIBA

As you can see, Invest505 caters to traders with diverse investment preferences. However, don’t be fooled by their range of offerings. They are a fraudulent company.

Deposit and Withdrawal Procedures

Invest505 only takes crypto deposits, contrary to their claim of accepting credit or debit card deposits. When we attempted to deposit, we were referred to lesser-known crypto sites. It’s vital to note that Invest505 does not accept card deposits. Bear in mind that if you used a bank card, you would be entitled to a refund.

Invest505’s dormant account fee is more expensive than the average at $30 after 60 days of inactivity. Don’t let your account sleep and accrue unnecessary costs. All in all, this fake broker should be avoided. 

Invest505 Scammed Me How Do I Procure a Refund?

Getting a refund is extremely hard since crypto is the only option for a deposit. However, it is possible.

The difficulties of tracing crypto transactions may pose a challenge. Yet, certain instruments are in place to follow the transaction by its ID and link it to a particular wallet within the exchange. Once traced, a client can assert their rights by submitting a formal legal request to exchange for a refund.

Invest505 Summary

  • Invest505 is a fake broker that claims to offer trading services for various financial instruments, including FX, commodities, stocks, and crypto.
  • The broker operates without a license or regulatory supervision, which is not good for potential investors.
  • Invest505’s website is poorly designed and has several spelling errors. This is one more proof that they are not legit.
  • There have been many complaints from investors who claim to have lost money while trading with Invest505. Some have reported hardship in withdrawing money.
  • This broker scam has been blacklisted by several regulatory authorities, including the UK’s Financial Conduct Authority (FCA) and the Australian Securities and Investments Commission (ASIC).

FAQs About Invest505 Broker

Is Invest505 a Trustworthy Broker?

No, Invest505 is not a trustworthy forex broker. It is a deceitful broker that operates without a license.

What Is the Minimum Deposit at Invest505?

The minimum amount of cash you will be asked to deposit is $250 which is relatively fair.

What Funding Methods Does Invest505 Accept?

This broker accepts deposits with crypto assets only. Keep in mind this is a broker scam.


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