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Overview of scam broker InvestTeck

InvestTeck broker is under the ownership of GreenRiver OU registered in Estonia. They provide forex and CFD trading services to European clients. Since they are in the EU, they should comply with strict regulations and European Securities and Markets Authority (ESMA).

Yet, based on some InvestTeck reviews we can see that is not the case. More irregularities and reasons why not to trust this broker are read in this detailed InvestTeck review.

What is more, we strongly advise you not to invest in Tradehall and Pioneer Markets fraudulent brokers.

Leverage 1:200
Regulation No regulation
Headquarters Estonia
Minimum Deposit $250
Review Rating 1.7 on Trustpilot
Broker Type Non-licensed scam broker
Platforms Web-based platform
Spread N/A

Is InvestTeck Broker Safe? Regulation and Security

Not only that InvestTeck broker doesn’t have Tier 1 regulation but any at all. For instance, we checked the database of FCA, BaFin, ASIC, and CONSOB. There are no results about licensing upon the research of this broker. Only warnings from regulators.

The importance of security is at the highest level these days. Traders’ funds need to be segregated into different bank accounts. Moreover, they need to have negative balance protection. And not to speak about compensation funds from regulators. All that is missing with InvestTeck scam broker.

Exactly because of those reasons, they have earned a nice scamming title. UK’s FCA, Italian CONSOB, and Portuguese CMVM have issued separate warnings against this broker. Take a look.

FCA Warning:

FCA warning on InvestTeck

CONSOB Warning:

CONSOB warning on InvestTeck

What Kinds of Trading Platforms Are Available?

InvestTeck scam brokers didn’t bother investing in their websites or trading platform. With a quite poorly designed website, we couldn’t catch any information about their software. Once we registered we got access to a basic web trader with only a few functionalities. From basic trading and charting options to standard indicators. Nothing that advanced platforms like Meta Trader doesn’t have.

This scam broker is advertising automated options for trading on social media platforms. But when it comes to delivery they fail heavily. That’s why we always recommend traders look for Tier 1 licensed trading companies.

As shown above, InvestTeck is a non-regulated broker. Therefore, they can do whatever they like. And the platforms that they offer are fictive and malicious. Through the back-end process, the broker can change all data presented on the platform. That way they lure traders to invest more money. However, the main problem is that money doesn’t go to the trading account. But in scammers’ pockets directly.

What Types of Accounts Does InvestTeck Provide?

This investment scam is nothing different than the others. They offer a minimum investment of $250, but no classified account types. Account types are designed to motivate traders to invest more money but with better trading conditions. Yet, with the InvestTeck broker scam that works differently. They will just try to extort as much as possible in the shortest time possible.

Once you want to register, you are filing a form and wait for their approval to get access to the trading account. Meanwhile, you get numerous calls from them. Which is violating all privacy rules.

Another shady fact about this broker is a welcome bonus. All types of bonuses are strictly forbidden across the EU. But this broker provides up to 100% bonus. This bonus has a multipurpose. But the end goal is to prevent you from making a withdrawal. There is a malicious clause behind every bonus. Where the trader needs to make a certain trading volume to get a withdrawal. Which is very rarely achievable.

Trading Instruments: A Brief Introduction

As per the company advertisement, they offer only 4 instrument classes. Those are:

  • Stocks – General Motors, Walt Disney, Microsoft
  • Commodities – Gold, platinum, silver
  • Indices – UK 100, AU 200, SPA 35

A spread that starts from 3 pips is something traders don’t find attractive. It’s way over the industry average of 1.5pips.  Not to mention mysterious commissions and fees. After all, this broker doesn’t have even T&Cs to check trading conditions. But even if they had, we wouldn’t trust it much because they are a non-licensed scam broker.

Lastly, they offer a leverage of up to 1:200 which is violating ESMA rules. The maximum allowed in Europe for retail traders is 1:30.

Funding Methods at InvestTeck

Generally speaking, you are lucky to have only a few options for a deposit here. Because once you deposit you won’t see your money back. Unless you get a chargeback. That’s why we always suggest using debit/credit cards.

InvestTeck scam broker has a few funding methods available:

  • Bank cards
  • Wire transfers
  • B-Pay

If you check any InvestTeck review you will find many complaints about withdrawal procedures. This investment scam has many tricks in its sleeves. From document verification issues, withdrawal fees, and non-existent taxes. All this is designed to prolong the withdrawal procedure. Until they decide to freeze or even block your trading account.

The only solution left there is a chargeback.

How Do I Get a Refund if InvestTeck Stole My Money?

Let us know first what was your experience with this scam broker. Our fund recovery team can build you a step-by-step strategy for how to recover your lost funds. It’s not a shame getting scammed. These are con artists. But it is a shame to let them get away with it.

Once you make a transaction with a debit/credit card you can reverse it in the first 540 days. That’s exactly why we always suggest using those. You are just one step away from making the right move.

Get in touch with our specialized team to start your chargeback process. Book your free consultation now!

InvestTeck Summary

  • Numerous warnings from regulators.
  • They don’t have a trading license.
  • Non-competitive trading conditions.
  • Many negative reviews.
  • Untrusted trading platform.

FAQs About InvestTeck Broker

Is InvestTeck a Legitimate Broker?

No. They don’t have a trading license and there are multiple warnings against them.

What Funding Methods Does InvestTeck Accept?

Besides bank cards like Visa and Master cards, they accept wire transfers and B-Pay.

Is InvestTeck a Good Broker?

No. They don’t offer any competitive trading conditions or proper fund security measures.


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