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Priority Markets

It came as no surprise that Priority Markets is just another online investment scam that is offshore based and operates from Saint Vincent and Grenadines. Many fraudulent brokers like them, are based at SVG since there is no need for regulation control.

After browsing their website we concluded they lack basic information such as a phone number. On top of that, there is also no mention of regulation whatsoever.

In this honest Priority Markets broker review you will find more information about how this scam broker operates and why you should stay away.


Leverage N/A
Regulation Unregulated 
Headquarters Beachmont Business Centre, Suite 174, Kingstown, Saint Vincent and the Grenadines
Minimum Deposit


Review Rating 1/5
Platforms Web
Spread N/A

Regulation of Priority Markets and Funds Security

As we have mentioned above, in terms of regulation, Priority Markets doesn’t have one. This alone is a red flag and you should stay away from this or any other alike scam brokers.

Not only do the Priority Markets offer unauthorized financial services but since they have no regulation, this means they don’t need to oblige to certain laws that are usually set with being regulated.

In other words, they are nothing but a scam company that is looking to take as much money as possible from you.

And as of recently they have been blacklisted Belgium financial services and markets authority (FSMA). That is more than enough for you to know you are dealing with an unregulated brokerage that is only interested in scamming you for money.

What Account Types Does Priority Markets Offer?

When you go to their website, you will be able to see many different account types:

  • Basic 500-9,999€
  • Silver 10,000-99,999€
  • Gold 100,000€
  • Platinum 250,000-499,999€
  • Diamond 500,000-1,000,000€
  • Millionaire club 1,000,000+ €

As you can see, Priority Markets offers a huge array of accounts, but in reality, this doesn’t mean much, since a regulated broker would let you start with little as 10€ as your deposit.

We do recommend not investing with them since it’s clear they are just looking to swindle you out of everything you have.

What Can Be Traded on Priority Markets Market?

After browsing their website, we saw that they offer you the possibility to invest in the following:

  • Forex
  • Indices
  • Cryptocurrency

Although this in particular doesn’t raise any suspicion, since they don’t have any license and regulation, it will just put you and your fund at risk.

If that is not enough, we came upon many customer complaints that the agents working for them don’t even offer you any help or assistance. Customers stated that in order to get the needed help, they are required to deposit more since the company’s financial advisors only work with bigger amounts.

That’s why it’s best to stay away from them altogether.

Priority Markets Deposit and Withdrawal Process

Now comes the fun part of conducting this Priority Markets review. Since we want you to stay safe online and invest with a trustworthy broker, we tried to activate the account with them to see what deposit methods they offer.

We were very much surprised when we saw we couldn’t even sign up for an account let alone see what deposit methods they offer. This is another sign this company is nothing more than another illicit broker who is just searching for its next victim.

Regulated brokers will openly state the deposit methods they offer, which is not the case with this fraudulent broker.

On top of that, we also found a lot of complaints that have been made about the broker and their withdrawal policy. Customers who invested with them said they had problems with getting their money back with agents telling them they need to reach the trading volume of 50 times before being able to do so.

Unfortunately, those people didn’t get their money back, since once they reached the required volume, agents simply disappeared and never got back to them. So, if you were wondering have they violated any terms and conditions with this, yes they did.

How Do I Get a Refund If I Was Swindled by Priority Markets?

Like many other fraudsters, such as Priority Markets you get a false sense of security. They promise you a lot of profits, the possibility to withdraw your money at any time, and much more.

Unfortunately, the reality is much different, since their main goal is to get as much money as possible from you and other people who have fallen a victim to their scam.

In case you have fallen victim to this illicit broker, there is no need to feel ashamed since scams can happen to anyone! Getting your money back is possible and there is no need to feel embarrassed about reporting a scam!

Doing this gives you better chances of getting your money back and we would be grateful if you can share with us if you have any negative experience with this or any other broker, since we can assist you in reporting your scammer.

We do advise you think twice before taking any risks while investing money and always do the needed diligence before you start trading with any company.

Priority Markets Summary

  • Offshore based brokerage
  • Offers unregulated financial services
  • No trading platform is available
  • No available deposit methods

FAQs About Priority Markets Broker

Is Priority Markets A Good Broker?

No, they are an offshore based company that offers unregulated services on the financial market.

Are The Funding Methods For Priority Markets?

None. There are no available and visible funding methods anywhere on their website.

Does Priority Markets Offer a Demo Account?

After searching their website thoroughly, we were unable to find any mention of a demo account anywhere.



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