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Overview of scam broker Target Trading

Target Trading Review, This is another in the line from non-licensed brokers that only invested money in a fancy website. Clients’ security, integrity, transparency, trusted trading platform, and strict withdrawal policies are not the business of Target Trading broker scams.

Their goal is just to extract as much as possible from their clients and to vanish.

Leverage 1:200
Regulation NO regulation
Headquarters Netherlands
Minimum Deposit 250 EUR/GBP
Review Rating 3.3
Broker Type Non-licensed
Platforms Web-trader
Spread 0.5 – 3

Is Target Trading Safe? Regulation and Security

Any trading company should have been monitored. That way we can make sure that everyone is satisfied. Investment scams work on the same principle, especially without regulations. However, in any of Tier 1 regulatory databases, we couldn’t find any information about Target Trading broker. That includes FCA, BaFin, CONSOB, and AMF.

Even if you didn’t get this information about the license, you would understand the facts that we will point to you in this Target Trading review.

Unfortunately, this broker still has no warnings from regulators but we will work together to expose this broker. People need to be protected in the financial market and they can only do that with licensed brokers.

Trading Software Available

Target Trading Overview

We always suggest to our customers to look for MT4/MT5 trading platforms. Those are standards in the trading industry and they offer a variety of trading options, advanced indicators, charts, and many more.

Now, to get back to Target Trading. They only offer poorly designed web traders. Since this broker is targeting only specific countries you won’t be able to create an account from any location. They are looking only for rich clients of course.

So, when you register you need to wait for their department’s confirmation to access the trading platform. As that being said, there must be something shady.

We already learned through years of experience that these platforms are often fake. Same as the company, their phone numbers, location, and more information.

We will rewind briefly again on MT4/MT5 platforms. Those are linked directly to the financial market and every company has the same data. However, with web-based trading platforms that data could be manipulated. 

Most of the time it is. The goal is to present you with fake profits and to make you believe that you did something significant. After that, expect to be asked to put in more money.

Accounts Types at Target Trading

Target Trading Account Types

 The company offers very intimidating account types:

  • Green – 5.000 EUR
  • Premium – 10.000 EUR
  • Platinum – 50.000 EUR
  • Business – 100.000 EUR
  • Executive – 250.000 EUR

For a company that doesn’t have any license, these amounts are very high. We are hoping that you were not caught by these scammers. But if you were, don’t be ashamed. They know what they are doing.

Leverage for any account type can go up to 1:200. Violating regulations before a start already. However, spreads are very high compared to some other companies. If you ever take a look, you will see that with regulated companies you have micro accounts available with 10$ investment. Those accounts have better conditions than those from Target Trading broker.

Trading Instruments Offered

The surprise with this broker is that they don’t offer cryptocurrencies. Those are one of the most volatile assets available for trading. We empower people to trade with those because that’s maybe the future of the financial world. But understandably with a licensed company.

To mention some of the asset classes, they offer:

  • Indices – FTSE100, AU200, BE20
  • Commodities – gold, cotton, platinum
  • Shares – AMD, Pfizer, Tesla

Methods of Deposit/Withdrawal

Target Trading offers only two options for depositing. Options are a debit/credit card and wire transfer. Those are initial deposits of course. After that, it all goes through non-traceable sources like crypto.

Luckily, every bank transaction is traceable. But usually, clients are lured into crypto transactions. There are multiple reasons for that. To be honest, the reasons are logical. But only if you are working with a regulated broker.

Now, the problem comes when you want to withdraw the funds. The first thing is the bonuses that the company is offering. Once you get any bonus, you need to make 10 times more to be able to request a withdrawal at all.

Sometimes it’s even more up to 30 times bigger turnover. That is literally nonsense and something that people get off guard. They don’t expect it.

As we could see in Target Trading Broker reviews, customers are only complaining about withdrawals. But to be honest, that was expected from this unregulated broker. Most important thing is to know what to do in those situations.

How Can I Get a Refund if Target Trading Stole My Money?

First, we can come up together and report this broker to the authorities. The more warnings we have from trusted authorities we have, the fewer people are going to be scammed. If you were somehow a part of this scam and lost some money, let us hear your story.

Not everything is lost if you were scammed. Our team of experts can guide you step by step through a chargeback process. In a few steps, you could get a full refund of your money.

Now to make that happen, get in touch today! Don’t waste any more time.

FAQs About Target Trading Broker

Is Target Trading a Good Broker?

This broker is completely unreliable. An anonymous website with a very short history. In the trading business that’s already a red flag.

Is Target Trading a Legitimate Broker?

Of course not. They don’t have any license whatsoever. Even though they are operating in the EEA zone they don’t comply with any EU regulations.

What Funding Methods Does Target Trading Accept?

The company only accepts debit/credit card transfers and wire transfers.


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