TitanCFD Review – Learn More About TitanCFD Scam Activities

Scam overview of a Titan CFD

There are a couple contradictory claims on the TitanCFD website. First is that TitanCFD is supposedly registered as a legitimate broker in the US, regulated by ‘’Capital Market Commission’’. Sadly, no regulatory body with this name exists. 

Next, TitanCFD is said to be a brand name of the Vie France company, located in Estonia. TitanCFD is supposedly regulated by HBMC, another non-existent regulator. 

Leverage 1:200
Regulation Not regulated
Headquarters Estonia
Minimum Deposit $200
Review Rating 1/5
Broker Type Forex
Platforms Web based
Spread N/A

The fact that a newly registered broker is giving hardly any information about the owning company and is lying about being regulated is a red flag. It shouldn’t take a potential investor more than that to persuade them to stay away and not invest here. However, for those yet unconvinced, let’s unravel a couple more mysteries about this phony broker.

TitanCFD Regulation and Fund Security 

After coming to the conclusion that TitanCFD is only lying about being licensed and not presenting any legal documentation to prove the existence of a regulation, we cannot trust this broker. When a broker operates without being supervised by a jurisdictional regulator, they are a major risk to all investors who decide to deal with them. 

Unlicensed brokers cannot guarantee the safety of clients funds, no matter the endless promises and convincing. Unscrupulous brokers have one and one aim only: to steal their investors’ hard earned money. By keeping their anonymity, they ensure their own safety and manage to evade legal consequences for their cyber theft.  

TitanCFD Trading Platform Overview

TitanCFD prides itself on a supposedly remarkable web based trading platform. However, upon registering, if a client tried to access the trading platform, it would turn out impossible. Everything they would get is an error message about not imputing valid login credentials. When a broker can’t even provide the investors with a working trading software, there is no chance they could be taken seriously. 

Most of the major brokers offer access to the majestic MT4 and MT5, the unparalleled trading platforms when it comes to reliability, speed, features, customization. 

Available Account Types

TitanCFD offers a wide variety of account types, depending on the clients investing power:

  • Basic – $200
  • Discovery – $2,000
  • Silver – $5,000
  • Gold – $10,000
  • Diamond – $15,000
  • VIP – $30,000
  • Prestige – $50,000
  • Superior – $75,000
  • Infinity – $100,000


TitanCFD variety of account types

In short, to be able to start trading on TitanCFD, you would have to at least make a minimum deposit of $200 for Basic account. If you are willing to invest more, our recommendation is not to. Not even the link to the page with more information about accounts is functional, so you won’t get far. There’s no offer for opening a Demo account.

Trading Instruments and Markets

TitanCFD supposedly enables users to trade with several distinctive groups of assets: 

  • Forex, 
  • stocks, 
  • commodities, 
  • indices, 
  • cryptocurrencies. 

If this was a genuine and regulated broker, perhaps it would be recommended to try out trading with different groups of instruments or whatever are the preferences of a trader. Since this is a fraudulent broker, it is best not to ponder on investing and just choose a licensed brokerage company you could rely on. 

TitanCFD Deposit and Withdrawal

The broker proclaims to accept various methods of making a deposit, with the minimum deposit amount required being $200. Apart from knowing that we’re dealing with an unregulated broker and therefore not trustworthy, all the claims about withdrawal being processed within a single day and without fees just sounds overly good to be believable. Not even many licensed and quite successful brokers could easily claim to be able to process withdrawals that fast.


Withdrawal process in Titan CFD

Like all other crucial information about trading conditions missing, nothing concrete is said about deposits and withdrawals either. 

I Was Scammed by TitanCFD – How Can I Get My Money Back?

As soon as you start suspecting that your broker of choice is not operating legally, immediately stop investing and request a withdrawal. It is better to stop losing money than pay withdrawal fees and other charges imposed and risk losing even more. Not only are you losing money, but your precious energy and valuable time as well. 

By referring to local authorities and government institutions in charge of these affairs, you will certainly decrease the risk of the scammer getting away unpunished with your money in their wallet. Going to the bank and requesting a chargeback is a process that should be done within the period of six months after the depositing time.

Ultimately, adding your reviews online about the illicit scammer is a step forward preventing them from committing another crime and getting away with it. 

TitanCFD Summary

  • Not regulated 
  • Not transparent, hides crucial information
  • No functional trading software
  • Unclear trading conditions 

FAQs About TitanCFD Broker

Is TitanCFD A Good Broker?

Without license for providing the services they offer, without a reliable platform and clear conditions, TitanCFD is not a good broker.

How Long Do TitanCFD Withdrawals Take?

TitanCFD promises to process the withdrawals within the period of 1 business day, but since it comes from a scammer, it cannot be taken as true.

Does TitanCFD Offer a Demo Account?

No, TitanCFD doesn’t offer a possibility to open a Demo account, only live accounts are available.


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