AdarCapital Review: Avoid This Scam Broker at All Costs

Overview of scam broker AdarCapital

AdarCapital Review, The main thing about trading companies is security. A broker like Adar Capital already shows many flaws. It is an offshore broker based in St. Vincent and Grenadines. 

Firstly, SVG doesn’t provide trading regulations. Secondly, they are owned by Sonoros Group LLC which has multiple warnings against them. Lastly, they lack regulations and clarity.

Not to mention that AdarCapital broker is in the business only since 2022. Yet, we can see many red flags.

SVG is a country known as a shelter for shady companies. That’s why they decided not to be responsible for any shady business. Besides such anonymity, these companies can be exposed by authorities. That’s why it’s vital to trust regulators.

Furthermore, we highly recommend that you avoid the scam brokers XBTFX, CDG Global, and Gatebits.

Leverage 1:500
Regulation No regulations
Headquarters St. Vincent and Grenadines
Minimum Deposit 250 EUR
Review Rating N/A
Broker Type Offshore scam broker
Platforms Web trader
Spread From 0.0 pips

Regulation and Funds Security

As shown above, SVG doesn’t offer licenses for trading. Therefore, trading companies should opt for licenses in their operating countries. For instance, the leverage that AdarCapital offers is already violating some ESMA rules. Moreover, they are offering bonuses that are forbidden as well.

For that reason, we checked the database of some most trusted regulators. In the Tier 1 group are FCA, BaFin, CONSOB, and more. Unlucky, any of mentioned we couldn’t find records about the AdarCapital broker.

The only logical conclusion is that this is just an investment scam. Confirmation for that is multiple warnings issued by FCA, FSMA, and CNMV. An additional feature that doesn’t go in clients’ favor is negative balance protection. This is a widely used tactic among scammers to get traders into debt. Same values for the AdarCapital scam broker.

Trading Software Reviews

One of the main factors in trading is trustworthiness in the trading platform. Many traders are looking for advanced options.  Some of those are charting tools, and social and copy trading. It would be great if the software offers EAs as well. However, AdarCapital doesn’t have any features of those mentioned.

They provide poorly designed web traders to their clients without any advanced features. Another negative aspect of this platform is that is unreliable. All data presented on the platform could be fictive.

Not to mention that AdarCapital broker doesn’t offer any version for mobile devices. Therefore, traders who like to trade on the run have a slight disadvantage. Compared to an industry-standard Meta Trader, this web trader can’t provide 10% of its features.

If this broker only had a license so there is something to trust. But the reality is different and you should think twice before investing with this broker.

What Account Types Does AdarCapital Offer?

Based on AdarCapital broker reviews we can say that all account types have only one purpose. To make traders deposit more money. No matter if the benefit is realistic or not. However, AdarCapital scam broker offers 3 different account types. Those are:

  •  Standard
  •  Premium
  •  Platinum

The only benefit that you get with a higher level is spread. The fact is that the minimum requirement is 250 EUR. On the negative side, all other account types’ minimum requirements remain unknown. With scam brokers like AdarCapital, it is most likely the personal preference of the broker.

Another key point is a demo account. AdarCapital doesn’t offer any risk-free option to try their services. We were expecting at least a micro account. But even that was missing with the AdarCapital scam broker.

What Can Be Traded on AdarCapital Market?

To point out, AdarCapital broker doesn’t offer cryptos. One of the most volatile assets is missing. With the leverage of 1:500, this is awesome. If you combine leverage with a volatile asset, it’s a recipe for a disaster. With missing negative balance protection, you can imagine the damage done to clients.

On the positive side, Adar Capital only offers the following assets:

  • Forex – USD/CAD, GBP/AUD
  • Indices – BE20, DAX30
  • Shares – Intel, Cisco
  • Commodities – Gold, and crude oil

With spreads starting from 0.0 pips, these assets are quite competitive. Sadly, everything that this broker offers is questionable. We recommend you start looking for different brokers. Especially licensed ones.

Deposit and Withdrawal Process

Equally important as trading platforms is deposit and withdrawal policies. The strange thing from the beginning is that it’s in a form of a Word document. Things are shady anyway. The broker accepts two funding methods:

  •  Debit/credit card
  •  Wire transfer

As for withdrawals, the situation is always more complicated. Traders can always request a withdrawal. But it is questionable if they will get it. Based on many AdarCapital reviews, they won’t.

This broker requires additional verification upon requesting a withdrawal. Then they call on AML laws. Once you get through a nightmare with all documents required you are still not done. This can take for weeks, even months sometimes. In the end, even if you provide all documents your account can just be frozen without a reason.

Another thing that can happen is a withdrawal fee scam. Don’t fall for any tricks where they are asking you to pay more money. Think twice before you make any moves.

How Can I Get a Refund If AdarCapital Scammed Me?

These things happen very often. You are not first or last. Firstly, you should share your story with us. That way we can prevent them to continue those fraudulent activities. Secondly, you can request a chargeback. It can be a very easy procedure if you have used a debit/credit card. 

Don’t let guys get out with your money. Contact our expert team for fund recovery. They will assist you every step of the way to get your funds back. Get in touch now!

FAQs About AdarCapital Broker

Is AdarCapital A Good Broker?

No. There are multiple warnings issued against it. On top of it, they lack regulation and transparency.

What Are The Funding Methods For AdarCapital?

Only two methods are available. Those are credit/debit cards and wire transfers. However, none of those are trusted because the broker doesn’t have funds protection.

Does AdarCapital Offer a Demo Account?

No. AdarCapital only offers live trading accounts with a minimum deposit of 250 EUR.


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