Eurinvesting Review: Learn More About This Broker

Overview of scam broker Eurinvesting

Eurinvesting Review, It’s completely natural to have doubts when face-to-face with a dubious entity such as this offshore provider. Fear not, fellow trader, for the EurInvesting Review is now before you. Here, you’ll read all about the fraudulent activity of this financial market trickster and its devious plot to embezzle hard-earned money.

Key aspects of trading such as the trading platform, leverage and spreads will be discussed. But more importantly, we shall explain in detail why this broker is unauthorized to provide great services. Without further ado, let’s get into it.

Leverage Up to 1:1000
Regulation Unregulated Offshore Broker
Headquarters Trust Company Complex, Ajeltake Road, Ajeltake Island, Majuro, Republic of the Marshall Islands MH96960
Minimum Deposit $100
Review Rating 1/5
Platforms WebTrader
Spread 0.6 pips

Regulation of Eurinvesting and Funds Security

Let’s see what EurInvesting claims about its legal status. Apparently, the broker is operated by a suspicious entity called Levictus LTD. Hmm, upon searching for it, it seems it’s gone missing from existence. But what about the address, i. e. the office on the Marshall Islands? 

We suppose this is true but that’s simply not credible enough because that would imply that EurInvesting is an offshore provider, meaning it’s really risky to trust it. Furthermore, the fraudster claims to be regulated by the South African regulator – the FSCA. However, we caught EurInvesting here because the database of the FSCA has nothing on the financial swindler.

Therefore, not only is EurInvesting unregulated and risky, but it is also dishonest. That’s reason enough to avoid dealing with this offshore fraud.

Review of Eurinvesting Trading Software

“Award-winning platform”? Far from it, we’re afraid. What we really have here is a rudimental, elementary, lackluster and poor-looking platform known as WebTrader. This browser-based terminal includes some basic charts and indicators but lacks advanced features that made trading software such as Meta Trader 4 and Meta Trader 5 famous.

What’s even more worrying is that the platform page failed to load on the website. Thus, we were not able to confirm whether it was legit or not. Even if it was, there’s no guarantee that it is not just some manipulative software since the broker is unregulated. That’s right, scammers often rig these platforms to show fake trading indicators but allow clients to make deposits.

Account Types Offered

When it comes to the account types, EurInvesting claims to offer four different types:

  • Standard – $250;
  • Professional – $10,000, deposit bonus 30%;
  • Business – $30,000, deposit bonus 50%;
  • Business Plus – $100,000, deposit bonus 100%.

See that number? $250? That’s actually how much the unscrupulous broker wants because it’s unlikely that clients would go head-through-wall and invest more. Hear us out – EurInvesting will be pushy, practically begging clients to invest and once they do, the phony provider will simply take that money and disappear.

What Can Be Traded on Eurinvesting Market?

As far as trading assets go, EurInvesting allegedly offers the following:

  • Forex pairs – EUR/USD, GBP/JPY, USD/AUD…
  • Commodities – gold, silver, coffee, crude oil…
  • Indices – LSE, NASDAQ, NYSE…
  • Crypto – Bitcoin, Ethereum, Ripple…

As mentioned, we weren’t able to confirm these because the trading platform was unavailable. Of course, do not take these for granted since the broker is unregulated. Also, EurInvesting confused stocks for indices.

As for leverage, it caps at 1:1000, allegedly. Only offshore providers can offer you such a high limit. However, it could lead to devastating losses in volatile markets that could potentially end your trading career. That’s why top-tier financial market regulators have limited leverage to 1:30 (UK, EU, Australia) or 1:50 (US, Canada).

Spreads start out at 0.6 pips for FX major pairs. That’s actually pretty good but at this point, we don’t really care about it. Commissions weren’t disclosed but we bet they’re through the roof. Coupled with high leverage, you are in for a world of trouble when trading.

Deposit and Withdrawal Process

The minimum deposit is $250, nothing unusual. Yet, for the same or even lower amount, you can find countless other brokers that are actually reliable. Plus, the shady bonus policy will undoubtedly prevent you from withdrawing anything, rendering additional fees pointless.

As for the payment methods, EurInvest says it accepts the classics – credit/debit cards, wire transfers and controversial crypto payments. Scammers sure love that last one because it allows them to remain anonymous. Per se, crypto transactions aren’t that bad but could cause problems.

Bonuses and Promotions

Eurinvesting Bonuses

In case you demand a withdrawal, EurInvest will pull out the bonus clause you blindly agreed to. Yup, says right here that withdrawals require a certain trading volume to be achieved.

There’s also the tricky “refer a friend” option. As you can imagine, EurInvesting is not satiated with your funds, it also craves your friends’ wallets. This whole promotion things strongly resembles a classic pyramid scheme. Therefore, do not fall for it.

How Do I Get a Refund If I Was Swindled by Eurinvesting?

Payments via credit/debit cards can be reversed with a chargeback. This can be requested at the issuing bank within 540 days. It applies to MasterCard and Visa cards.

As for wire transfers, they require a recall. It’s essentially the same thing but will only work if the transaction is incomplete. Thus, rush to the bank at once!

Crypto transactions are tricky. They can be traced to a wallet within a crypto exchange. Afterwards, you can request a refund and hope for the best.

Eurinvesting Summary

  • EurInvesting is an offshore provider based in the Marshall Islands;
  • The broker lied about being regulated by the South African FSCA;
  • The minimum deposit that the fraudster requires is $250;
  • WebTrader is the only offered trading platform, but it was unavailable;
  • Sky-high leverage was given, which violates regulatory rules.

FAQs About Eurinvesting Broker

Is Eurinvesting A Good Broker?

EurInvesting is not good at all since the offshore broker is unregulated and shady.

What Are The Funding Methods For Eurinvesting?

EurInvesting says on its website that it accepts payments via credit/debit cards, wire transfers and crypto transactions.

Does Eurinvesting Offer a Demo Account?

EurInvesting does not offer a demo account on its website.


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