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Overview of scam broker JetBitX

JetBitX Review, another investment fraud will be discussed. Since the web is not a secure place and there are many active scammers, we created this JetBitX review to find the truth about one of them.

This company has no authorized website, business, or location. Everything about them indicates that unethical behavior is occurring, without a doubt. People should exercise caution when choosing where to invest and trade because the JetBitX scam is just one of many.

Leverage 200:1 / 300:1 / 500:1
Regulation No
Headquarters N/A
Minimum Deposit $250
Review Rating 1/5
Platforms WebTrader
Spread N/A

JetBitX Financial Safety and Compliance

In addition, we truly mean it when we state the website is 100% anonymous. There isn’t a single business location or company background in the entire presentation, except for a few cryptic phone numbers and a few emails. 

Additionally, we do not have a firm name or information on licensing or authorization, which should be more than enough for you to draw the conclusion that you’re dealing with an evident scam.

In reality, while reading the website’s Terms and Conditions, we came across a hazy mention of Estonian jurisdiction, which undoubtedly does not assist the JetBitX website’s reputation.

Available Trading Platform at JetBitX

JetBitX Trading Platform

WebTrader, the most widely utilized platform employed by shady brokerages, is also offered by JetBitX broker. This software has a simple interface and functionality. It is fairly easy to use and understand but is subjectable to manipulation, and that is the reason scam brokers love to abuse it. 

Your first impulse should be to deeply investigate the organization you are willing to invest in, if it is not regulated, you should not care for the platform or anything else. Good trading software is just a bonus, and most legitimate brokerages use the best ones.

Account Options Offered by JetBitX

Three different trading account types are described on the JetBitX website. Even though the terms are favorable, it doesn’t really matter because JetBitX is obviously an investment scam. Here is the list of the account types:

PRO : 

  • $250 minimum account opening balance
  • Maximum 100
  • lots trading size 
  • Minimum 0.01
  • lots trading size 
  • Available leverage
  • up to 200:1 
  • JETbitX Webtrader platform available 
  • 24/5 support
  • via e-mail, phone 
  • 2,000+ assets
  • available to trade 
  • Scalping allowed 
  • News trading available

PRO+ : 

  • $2,500 minimum account opening balance
  • Maximum 100 lots
  • trading size 
  • Minimum 0.01
  • lots trading size 
  • Available leverage
  • up to 300:1 
  • JETbitX Webtrader platform available 
  • 24/6 support
  • via e-mail, phone 
  • 2,300+ assets
  • available to trade 
  • Scalping allowed 
  • News trading available 


  • $25,000 minimum account opening balance 
  • Maximum 100
  • lots trading size 
  • Minimum 0.01
  • lots trading size 
  • Available leverage
  • up to 500:1 
  • JETbitX Webtrader platform available 
  • Dedicated support
  • via e-mail, phone 
  • 2,500+ assets
  • available to trade 
  • Scalping allowed 
  • Daily trading signals 

Trading Instruments and Markets

Trading instruments available through the JetBitX broker are:

  • Forex
  • Commodities
  • Stocks
  • Indices
  • Digital Currencies

Buyers should disregard anything and desist from investing even though these brokers provide a variety of products because they are scam brokers.

Deposit and Withdrawal

According to JetBitX, you can deposit money through bank wire transfers, VISA, Mastercard, OK Pay, and other credit cards. So here we just want to warn you that there is a fairly solid explanation for why anonymous, fraudulent websites like JetBitX will typically try to persuade you to make your deposit using bitcoins or other cryptocurrencies. 

To begin with, if you do transfer your money using cryptocurrency, when you discover you’ve been duped and want to get your money back, the transaction will be absolutely irreversible. Additionally, it is impossible to determine with certainty who exactly owns the bitcoin wallet to which you are sending money.

Bonuses and Promotions

The so-called trading bonus that you will be given when opening a trading account is one of the most popular methods used by scam brokers to take your funds and escape punishment. The typical condition of such bonuses is a minimum trade volume criteria, which will prevent you from withdrawing any funds regardless of your actions or trading strategy.

Not that such a requirement is even remotely reasonable for a withdrawal; legitimate, duly authorized brokers will never in any way dispute your right to withdraw money from your trading account. 

As we’ve previously shown, this is neither right nor fair in the slightest, but fraudsters frequently act in this way as they are not subject to any kind of regulation and are not held to any sort of standard of accountability. 

Basically, they don’t have any trouble making up any excuse to deny your withdrawal requests. The best course of action in these situations is to always read the fine print before taking any bonuses and to completely stay away from unregulated companies like the JetBitX broker.

How Do I Get My Money Back After JetBitX Scammed Me?

There may be a few techniques to get your money back if you already deposited funds with JetBitX broker and they are refusing to refund it, which is quite likely to happen. First and foremost, you must save the emails as evidence that you have asked them for a refund of your money but that they have refused to do so or have delayed the process unnecessarily.

Chargeback should be your initial action! And you should take action right away! Inform your credit card or banking company that you were duped into making a deposit for an unlicensed trading company, and that the business is refusing to return your money. 

This is the most straightforward way to get your money back, but it also causes them the greatest harm. Because if there were many chargebacks made, their relationship with the providers of payment services would be destroyed. 

We can help you prepare your chargeback case if you’ve never done it before, if you’re unsure of where to begin, or if you’re not sure how to present your argument to your credit card company or bank.

JetBitX Summary

  • JetBitX broker is an unlicensed and unregulated company.
  • Three different trading account types are offered with JetBitX.
  • JetBitX has a $250 minimal deposit requirement.
  • They accept payments through bank wire transfers, VISA, Mastercard, OK Pay, and other credit cards.

FAQs About JetBitX Broker

Is JetBitX A Good Broker?

No, they are not even brokers, they are an anonymous company engaged in criminal activities.

How Long Do JetBitX Withdrawals Take?

Since JetBitX is a fraudulent agent it is very unlikely that a withdrawal is even possible.

Does JetBitX Offer a Demo Account?

It is unclear if they offer a demo account, since there is no mention of it we would say that they do not.


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