Nexospro Review – Who Is Behind Nexospro.Com?

All about scam Nexospro broker

Nexospro is a broker registered in St. Vincent and Grenadines. However, this is not their first business name. They had already one entity exposed. But it’s a matter of time before others are exposed. Important to realize is that all of them are run by Cordelino Ltd. And none of them are safe for your pockets.

Leverage 1:400
Regulation No regulations
Headquarters St. Vincent and Grenadines
Minimum Deposit $5.000
Review Rating N/A
Platforms Web-based
Spread N/A

All the facts and dirty tricks of this trading company you can find in this Nexospro review.

Is Nexospro Legit or a Scam Brokerage?

The company is trying to present itself as legitimate. Indeed, there is a registration number on their website. But that’s not a license number. Firstly, FSA (Financial Services Authority) doesn’t provide trading licenses. Secondly, the broker doesn’t have any other valid licenses.

If you take a look at any Tier 1 regulator register, you won’t find any results about this broker. From FCA, BaFin and CONSOB to Finma and CNMV. Therefore, all their activities are questionable. With this in mind, you must understand that all conditions are fake. Same as their whole company.

Not to mention the lack of some important features that regulation brings. For instance, negative balance protection. Or even segregated bank accounts for deposits. This leads to the conclusion that this is nothing but an investment scam. But there is more.

Nexospro Trading Software Overview

Another key point is Nexospro trading software. They offer only a simple web-based platform with basic tools. It’s quite poorly designed indeed. But if we exclude the design, traders can’t use any advanced features. For instance social or copy trading. That’s why traders mostly opt for third-party software. Such as cTrader or Meta Trader.

Moreover, their software is not designed for mobile devices. You can use it through the browse actually. But that lowers the quality of the trading experience. Above all, they don’t offer any risk-free options for their clients.

Many licensed brokers advise first using a demo account. That way you can familiarize yourself with the platform. Understanding all features is crucial. But with a non-licensed offshore broker, you can’t expect that.

Account Types Available

The only goal of Nexospro scam broker is to extort as much as they can. That’s why they use attractive account-type offers. But those offers mostly consist of support and education. But to see trading conditions benefit or anything similar is not possible here. Here are the options:

  • Micro            $5.000
  • Bronze          $25.000
  • Silver            $75.000
  • Gold             $150.000
  • Platinum       On request

Important to realize is that all accounts have the leverage of 1:400. But ESMA rules let you have a maximum of 1:30. Same works with most trusted EU regulators. So, there are two endings with this broker. Either you lose everything or they scam you for everything.

Available Trading Instruments

This broker offers 5 main instrument groups. Important to realize is that they advertise all trading in correlation with crypto exchanges. A nice backup story for their funding methods. The groups covered are:

  • Forex                        AUD/CAD, GBP/SEK, USD/JPY
  • Commodities            gold, silver, crude oil
  • Indices                      S&P 500, Dow Jones, BE 20
  • Shares                      nVidia, Walt Disney, Bank of America
  • Cryptos                           BTC, XRM, SOL

Another clear sign of an investment scam is non-transparent spreads and fees. For a Nexospro scam broker, this is not surprising. Without negative balance protection, these assets are very risky. Especially because the broker doesn’t have a guaranteed stop-loss.

Deposit and Withdrawal Procedure

What makes a conclusion complete is their funding method. The broker only accepts crypto payments. Above all, Bitcoin and Ethereum. The main reason behind this decision is anonymity. All these transactions are hardly traceable. So, once they burn their platform and expose themselves, they can vanish easily. But not anymore.

Moreover, many traders reported non-existent fees in their Nexospro broker reviews. That means that the broker will do anything to prevent withdrawals. In general, they will present you with some fees that must be paid. But if the broker is legitimate, it would take those charges from the account balance. We wouldn’t be so surprised if this broker disappears soon. That’s what they are doing the best.

The broker doesn’t have a transparent withdrawal policy. Withdrawal processing time is mystic. Therefore, the best solution is to find a Tier 1 regulated broker. At least you will have some protection there. Important to notice is that the Nexospro broker scam already vanishes. And it’s just a matter of time before they will open under a different name. Be careful!

Got Scammed by Nexospro? Get Your Money Back!

What makes us different than others is our transparency. We want to hear everyone’s story. Because you won’t be the last person that had a bad experience with this broker. We would advise you to seek a solution through the regulator. Thus, this broker doesn’t have one.

That’s why your only solution is to trace those crypto transfers. Consequently, start the fund recovery process. Luckily, our specialized team with expertise in financial transactions has a solution. It’s called CipherTrace software. It can track down the last destination of the crypto transfer. Once you do that, you know who holds your money. And the rest becomes history.

Therefore, don’t wait until they completely disappear. Get in action already today. Book your first consultation here.

Nexospro Summary

  • Nexospro is an unregulated offshore broker.
  • They don’t have trusted trading software.
  • High leverage and non-transparent trading conditions.
  • Broker changing company name often.
  • Only crypto deposits are available.

FAQs About Nexospro Broker:

Is My Money Safe With Nexospro?

No. They are an offshore scam broker without reputation and necessary licensing.

What Is The Minimum Deposit for Nexospro?

The minimum deposit is way above the industry average and starts at $5.000.

Does Nexospro Offer a Demo Account?

No. Traders can only open live trading accounts and expose their money to risk.


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