PNL Advanced Review – Reason to Stay Away From This Scam

Overview of scam broker PNL Advanced

PNL Advanced Review, The main reason to stay away from this broker is its anonymity. If you take a look at their poorly designed website, you will quickly realize that they don’t offer any information about location, ownership, or even contact details. Therefore, huge red flags waving already.

Not to mention regulations that are missing wherever they are operating from. This broker is freshly built and only exists since 2022. What is satisfying is that it’s already disclosed as a scam broker. Confirmation of that is multiple warnings from financial regulators.

What is more, we strongly advise you not to invest in Grow Pro Markets, Finance Proof, and Roisea fraudulent brokers.

Leverage N/A
Regulation No regulation
Headquarters N/A
Minimum Deposit 5.000$
Review Rating 2.9 on Trustpilot
Broker Type Unlicensed offshore scam broker
Platforms Web trader
Spread Raw non-specified

Are Your Funds Safe With PNL Advanced Broker?

Wherever this broker operates from, they should have a license for trading on FX and CFD markets. If they are coming from some offshore country those regulations are not as reliable as Tier 1 regulations. Such are FCA ( UK ), BaFin ( Germany ), ASIC ( Australia ), CONSOB ( Italy )  or CNMV ( Spain ).

We checked all mentioned registers and we couldn’t find any records of the PNL Advanced broker. Any funds deposited there, are most probably sent directly to the brokers’ bank account and the balance presented on their trading platform is fictive. We advise you not to invest any money here and to look for a licensed broker on time.

Moreover, this broker already in less than a year got warnings from institutions like FMA, FSMA and Finanstilsynet. Brokers like this get as much as possible and just vanish with clients’ funds. Unfortunately, they usually just change the name and after that everything is the same. That’s why you need to understand the fundamentals of trading security. That way you can’t fall for cheap tricks.

What Trading Platforms Are Available?

PNL Advanced scam broker offers only a web-based trading platform. This one can’t be compared with industry standards MT4/MT5. The platform doesn’t provide any advanced trading tools, EAs, social or copy trading. Moreover, such platforms are often manipulated by brokers.

In a matter of one click, the data presented on the platform could be changed. That way clients can lose all of their funds or make a lot of money in a blink of an eye. It all depends on what the broker wants you to believe.

That’s why regulations are important when you are using trusted software and clarified trading conditions. With this broker leverage is unknown, but knowing investment scams we believe those are extremely high. The platform offers raw spreads, yet undefined.  

 What Account Types are Offered at PNL Advanced?

PNL Advanced Account Types

Another bizarre thing about this investment scam is PNL Advanced trading account types. They offer a ridiculously high minimum deposit of 5.000$. For a non-licensed broker, that is completely anonymous even 250$ is too much. However, they offer 5 account types:

  • Rookie – 5.000$
  • Basic – 25.000$
  • Elite – 100.000$
  • Elite plus – 250.000$
  • VIP – 1.000.000$

The only goal behind these account types is to get as much as possible from clients. If you take a look what you get from the Elite account is nothing specific. Just more educational programs, like trading sessions, e-books, webinars, etc.

They value their clients based on the amount of money deposited. That means that the broker is a deposit-based, not a commission-based company. If they are making money from trading, they would work with everyone equally.

Trading Instruments Overview

Even though they have a poorly designed website and a poor trading platform it’s a solid instruments range. They offer 5 different trading classes:

  • Commodities – oil, gold, silver
  • Indices – DJI, DEU40, NKY
  • Shares – Amazon, Tesla, Pfizer
  • Cryptocurrencies – BTC, BCH, XRP

Have in mind that with the leverage that unlicensed brokers are offering trading these CFD assets is very risky. It is better to look for a licensed broker on time so that you get any kind of security.

Deposit and Withdrawal Method

Most electronic deposit methods you can complete instantly. Some available are cards and e-wallets. Bank and wire transfers take up to 3 business days depending on the bank.

Like in any other investment scam company, depositing is never an issue. Problems start when you want to withdraw the profits. According to many PNL Advanced reviews, all traders are complaining about that only.

They use cheesy tactics with bonuses to decline the withdrawal. The company offers you a bonus in addition to your deposit. However, the bonus policy states that you need to make a rollover 25 times bigger than your initial deposit. Only after that, you can request a withdrawal.

After that, comes withdrawal fees and taxes scam. Even though broker claims they don’t charge any fees it is unclear because they are not regulated. Many things they say are not true. If the broker requires you to pay extra money to get your profits out don’t do it. Because after that they will vanish with the last penny they got from you and you will never hear from them again!

How Do I Receive a Refund if PNL Advanced Defrauded Me?

Since the broker is not regulated there is no institution you can reach out to. The only solution for you is experts for fund recovery. They are specialized in financial transactions and know how to recover funds.

Any transaction that you make with a credit/debit card can be reversed through the chargeback. Don’t miss the opportunity to get your funds back because chargebacks are time-limited.

Get in touch today, to get advice on your first steps!

FAQs About PNL Advanced Broker

Is PNL Advanced a Scam Broker and Why?

It is confirmed that they are a scam by multiple regulators. They don’t provide any ownership, location or licensing information. Besides that, many PNL Advanced reviews are confirming those statements.

What Is the Minimum Deposit for PNL Advanced Broker?

The minimum requirement to start with this broker is a bizarre 5.000$. Nobody would trust even 300$ to an anonymous broker like this, not to mention 5.000$.

Is My Money Safe with PNL Advanced?

Not at all. They don’t provide segregated funds, they don’t have licenses for trading or any other security for clients’ funds. Moreover, their platform is just a bogus web trader, with fictive data presented.



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