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The Robexcoin website looks almost unfinished. The webpage lacks a lot of information that is important for potential investors, but this does not prevent this broker from carrying out its scams. Robexcoin is trying to present itself as a leading cryptocurrency trading company.

Email [email protected]
Leverage 1:100
Regulation Not regulated
Headquarters USA
Minimum Deposit N/A
Review Rating 1/5
Broker Type Crypto
Platforms Web-based
Spread N/A

They will, of course, succeed if they address clients who have no experience with this type of trading. That’s why we’re here to warn you. Robexcoin is not a legitimate broker, it is a scam, which means that you stand to gain nothing from doing business with this them.

The only thing Robexcoin provides to its customers is false promises of high earnings, manipulating them into investing money that they will never see again. If you want to know about the problems that this scam broker brings along, read the Robexcoin review to the end.

Is Robexcoin a Reliable Broker?

Robexcoin is an unregulated and unlicensed broker, which is a big problem for investors. The license is proof that the company will fulfill the conditions it has offered together with its financial offer and that the users will not be harmed even if the company ceases to operate.

When there is no license, and scam brokers like the Robexcoin company usually don’t, it means that your money and your personal information are at risk. The only information provided by this company is found in the user agreement.

Robexcoin says that it is registered and operates in accordance with the laws of the USA, but there is no mention of the mandatory regulations of the NFA and the CFTC, the institutions responsible for the regulation of the financial market in the USA. We did not find the company in the registers of these regulatory bodies either.

Also, Robexcoin did not leave a company address, phone number, or email address. This means investors would have to wait for the company to get in touch with them. The only information that Robexcoin provides is that there is a company behind the website called Finance LLP.

Such a company does not exist. Another company, registered as Liquidity Finance LLP, is an actual and legitimate company so maybe the unscrupulous financial swindler is trying to appear more legitimate by falsely connecting itself to a legitimate firm.

Trading Platforms Overview

Robexcoin offers a simple web-based trading platform. The trading platform seems like something that a crypto exchange would offer to beginner traders. The platform does not have the possibility of automated trading, as well as any additional tools for trading and planning.

It is far from industry standards like MetaTrader4 or MetaTrader5. Apart from the many shortcomings that the platform has, we cannot advise you to trade with this software because it often happens that fraudulent brokers manipulate the platform. This makes the users think that their money is being traded while it is actually in the pockets of fraudsters and it is only a matter of time before the client realizes that he cannot and will not succeed in withdrawing his funds from the trading account.

Account Types Offered by Robexcoin

Virtually nothing is known about the different account types offered by this financial swindler. It is quite possible that this bogus broker didn’t bother with trying to think of different options they could offer to their clients.

The only thing that we could find out was that they offer a leverage of 1:100 which is another reason to distrust their claim of being based in the USA since the maximum leverage for crypto trading in the USA is 1:12. Robexcoin also fails to mention spreads and other important trading information.

What Robexcoin Traded on the Market?

Robexcoin offers trading in cryptocurrencies and claims to have a selection of 30 cryptocurrencies that can be traded against the US dollar exclusively. Seeing how they offer only crypto, 30 is a rather low number of trading assets offered. Some of the currencies that can be traded are:


Robexcoin Trading with this instruments on market

Options for Deposit and Withdrawal

Robexcoin accepts deposits in a wide variety of cryptocurrencies. That’s fine when it comes to a crypto broker. But cryptocurrency transactions can be difficult to prove, just as it is hard to prove who an e-wallet really belongs to.

In this case, it’s part of a scam run by Robexcoin. As for fees, fees are charged every time a customer makes a transaction, purchase, or sale. Robexcoin charges a commission of 0.20 percent to regular users and 0.14 percent to its users. There is also a withdrawal commission, as well as a minimum withdrawal amount of tokens or coins. The maximum amount cannot exceed the amount available in the account.

Robexcoin Offers Welcome Bonus

Robexcoin gives a welcome bonus to new users who have a code received from other users. This means that Robexcoin is manipulating customers by making them bring in more new customers. It is not stated how much the bonus is, the only option is to make a deposit and look for a code, but of course, we do not advise you to do so.

Robexcoin Offers Welcome Bonus

How Do I Recover My Funds If Robexcoin Scams Me?

If you have been scammed by this unscrupulous broker posing as a legitimate crypto broker, you will have a difficult time withdrawing money. The broker requires payments to go through cryptocurrencies that are hard to track.

And since the broker is not regulated, you have no one to turn to for a refund. That is why it is important not to invest with dubious, unverified, and unregulated brokers.

Robexcoin Summary

As we’ve already pointed out, the Robexcoin website lacks so much information that it almost feels like the site itself is unfinished. But that’s all this scam broker has to offer users. That is why we advise you to avoid this crypto broker because the only thing that will really happen is that you will end up with no money.

The complete hype that Robexcoin is peddling is unacceptable when we know how business with regulated brokers is supposed to work. That’s why it’s always better to look for verified, regulated brokers where you can invest money without fear of being ripped off.

FAQs About Robexcoin Broker

What is Robexcoin Minimum Deposit?

The minimum deposit with Robexcoin is not revealed by the broker.

Does Robexcoin Offer a Demo Account?

Robexcoin does not offer a demo account to its users.

What Types of Accounts Do Robexcoin Offer?

It is not known what types of accounts Robexcoin offers.


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